Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Team Development with Visual Studio .NET and Visual SourceSafe

Summary: BuildIt is a Microsoft® .NET console application that automates the build process outlined in the patterns & practices article "Team Development with Visual Studio .NET and Visual SourceSafe" in the MSDN® Library. BuildIt is designed, developed, and tested by Sapient Corporation and it is reviewed by Microsoft, including team members of the Microsoft patterns & practices and Visual Studio® .NET development system. (28 printed pages)

Using BuildIt:

* Eliminates the time required to create, test, and maintain a custom build script.
* Makes a team's build process more repeatable and consistent.

BuildIt is designed to jump-start the build process used for development of .NET distributed applications. The downloadable program provides full source code and comprehensive documentation for Microsoft Visual C#® development tool and Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET development system.

Note BuildIt currently supports building solutions that contain setup projects developed with Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, and Visual Studio .NET. It has not been tested with projects written in other .NET languages or with other setup projects (for example, setup projects from Wise or InstallShield).
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