Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tester Blog: Dinesh

Testing Web applications

As a tester in Microsoft, I got experience in testing APIs, command line tools and Rich client based apps. However, testing web applications or commercial web sites is something I want to learn. Ex: What it takes to test a shopping web site? Some of the things I know in this domain are UI testing, security, load, stress and perf, testing with multiple browsers etc. I also learnt that Winrunner and Loadrunner are the commonly used tools. I would like to know details on how to get a web app to ship quality, commonly used testing strategies and trade offs, tools and process. If you can point to docs and tools that would be great.

Update:2/22: Since the last post, I found couple of good books on web testing:

1. Web testing Companion By Lydia Ash

2. Performance Testing Microsoft .NET Web Applications
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