Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Steve Hebert's Development Blog : NAnt-ing my database build

I finished the process of performing my database build using NAnt (actually NAntContrib). I dusted off an old class library I used with a .Net plug-in I built for automating the database build and modified it so it could handle the NAnt.Core.Project object for floating messages, warnings and errors.

Our database project under VS contains all of our stored procs, functions and trigger scripts (among others). Each script is responsible for testing if the contained object currently exists and takes appropriate steps. Because the processing is order-critical, I've created an XML file format that enforces creation order and also allows for individual files or entire projects to be processed using a given line.

I could have gotten this to run using only my class library instead of NAntContrib's SourceSafe additions (for grabbing the BuildScript), but I'll need some of NAntContribs functionality beyond the database build. My NAnt script does the following:
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