Sunday, February 26, 2006

List of Guidelines and Good Practices

List of Guidelines and Good Practices:

* Guideline 1: Plan & commit early.
o Good Practice 1: Decide as soon as possible — will the Working Group build test materials or acquire them?
o Good Practice 2: Think about and enumerate the quality-related deliverables that might help the Working Group through the Recommendation track.
o Good Practice 3: Synchronize quality-related deliverables and their development milestones with specification milestones.
o Good Practice 4: Consider whether the Working Group should bind any quality criteria to Rec-track advancement.
o Good Practice 5: Put some thought into how to staff the Working Group's test and other quality assurance plans.
* Guideline 2: Document QA processes.
o Good Practice 6: Put all of the Working Group's important test and other quality-related information in one place in a QA Process Document.
o Good Practice 7: Identify a Working Group point-of-contact for test materials or other quality-related business.
o Good Practice 8: Specify an archived email list to use for quality-related communications.
o Good Practice 9: Identify Web page(s) for test suites, announcements, and other quality-related topics.
* Guideline 3: Resolve legal & license issues.
o Good Practice 10: As early as possible, get agreement about acceptable license terms for submission of test materials.
o Good Practice 11: As soon as the nature of the Working Group's test materials becomes clear, get agreement about license terms for their publication.
o Good Practice 12: Decide policy about having brands, logos, or conformance icons associated with the Working Group's test materials.
* Guideline 4: Consider acquiring test materials.
o Good Practice 13: Do a quality assessment of proposed test materials before going any further.
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