Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Remote Debugging with WinDbg

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Application debugging in a production environment
Author : Hans De Smaele
Published : September 12, 2004

Personally, I like WinDbg the most to do remote debugging. Not only is this the most
powerful debugger, but it has also the most possibilities to connect computers with each
other. In some scenarios, you can connect up to 5 computers to debug a station !
Note: Check the WinDbg documentation for more information about how to setup
remote debugging.
Application debugging in a production environment
Version 1.1

An easy way to debug user applications (not kernel problems) with WinDbg is by
installing WinDbg on the debugging station and "DbgSvr" (process server) on the remote
Give the command below on the remote computer :
DbgSvr –t tcp:port=9999
And on the debugging computer, where WinDbg is located, run :
WinDbg –premote tcp:server=<remote station name>, port=9999 –p <PID>
And there you go !

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