Thursday, May 14, 2015

Generate Table Insert Statements from Visual Studio

I will admit that i don't use the Server Explorer pane in Visual Studio. Especially not for anything related to SQL Server. But i found this cool option while mucking around in Server Explorer that is worth sharing.

Did you know that you can create SQL insert Script right out of Visual Studio without adding any new plugin to your SSMS or Visual Studio application?

Right click the table in server pane that you want to script the data for and choose "Show Table Data" option

This will display the data like this

Notice the script toolbar button highlighted below.

Once you press that, your data in the table will be displayed as SQL Insert Statements

Doesn't require any special plugins and works beautifully.

This post was created using Visual Studio Professional 2013.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cyanogen OS 12 - Missing all the customizations?

If you are going through clean install and coming back from OxygenOS to Cyanogen OS, you might notice that you are missing out all the customization that used to part of CM and were the best thing about it. How is it even possible that in this new version they did away with all those customizations? Why would you even bother with Cyanogen OS anymore and not stay with Oxygen or even stock Android for that matter (on OnePlus that is)?

Actually all those customizations are still there. To enable them, we have to go to System View under Settings. That is what opens up all those goodies that allow you to customize the heck out of your Android.

Notice the "Advance mode" selection in the screenshot below? That what you need to enable.

After enabling that if go back to Settings view, you will see a lot more options that were hidden.

Cyanogen OS 12 - Missing settings toggle options to add or reorder?

You would have noticed that the new Cyanogen OS 12 under OnePlus One doesn't show all the customization and/or allow you any way to update add or rearrange toggle settings from the top settings drawer.

Turns out that it does and it still has all those customization it had under CM 11S. You are just not looking hard enough.

To Add or rearrange any of the tiles in the top settings drawer you need to use "Notification Drawer" under settings menu. But how do you exactly get to "Notification Drawer" as it doesn't show up by default under Settings menu?

Use the search option under Settings to pull it up:

Once you pull it up, under "Notification Drawer" you will see following options:

Using "Select and Order tiles", you can add/rearrange items.

Here is how it will look after you are done:

Easy enough huh?

Sunday, April 05, 2015

OxygenOS vs Cyanogen on OnePlus One

OxygenOS is actually stock Android. All the customizations that you take for granted using CM are not there and you will be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED if you go oxygenOS route at this point.

The fact that CM comes with all those customizations (themes, profiles, etc.) and oxygenOS doesn't, you will have to hunt down and install apps from all over the store to get those. As a downside of that, you will be running all those extra apps that will try to run ads and what not- battery drain!

I much rather wait for CM12!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

OnePlus One headset issue!

If you plan on buying OnePlus One, make sure you buy compatible headset as well. Buying from OnePlus would be safe bet.

This thread has more information:

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Which programming language is the most popular in your state?

Can't believe Java has stronghold in MS's home state.

Moving to OnePlus One from iPhone 4s

I bought my first iOS device back in 2011, iPhone 4S. There were a couple of reasons why I made that decision. One was obvious that I was using Windows Mobile 6 at that point (yeah really and there was business reason for that too) and the other was the fact that Steve Jobs passed away and for me that was the last phone that was developed under his direction and I felt pretty confident that it was mature enough product for my time and investment.

I have been using that device and loved everything about it until Apple came out with iOS 7 last year. Ever since that upgrade and change in design, I have noticed that the stability of apps has declined quite a bit, and with iOS 8 it has just accelerated. Not only that, I have also noticed that more and more apps are taking bigger phones into consideration and that has made quite an impact on the design decisions of the input forms and such. So much so that even posting an update to something as common as facebook required of me to scroll down every time I had to make a post to ensure I was posting to the right audience. I know, I know, you can ask how is that an issue with iOS 8? It isn't. But it adds to the whole iphone experience and upgrading to iphone 6 for that reason alone wasn't worth the effort, at first. Contrary to numerous posts and articles that proposed not to upgrade to iOS 8 and even to iOS 7 before that, i never felt that the device had actually started performing worse. Yes, there were crashes here and there, but performance was pretty much the same for me.

I had a couple of choices at hand, either i could move to Android platform or get the new iphone 6. Blackberry and Windows Phone were not even a choice for me as I doubt even the Product Managers at MS and BlackBerry know what the future holds for them. Being a .NET developer you might expect me to switch to Windows Phone, but I would hate to get on board on a platform that has now been around for 4-5 years and still doesn't even have the basic apps that people use everyday. And even if they have gone around and paid off enough companies to develop apps for their platform, it is still 3rd or 4th in line when it comes to developing apps for any platform. Why would you like to wait for 3-6 months more just to get an upgrade for your software?

In short, I ended up buying OnePlus One and absolutely love it!

Time to breathe new life in to this blog!

It's been a while i posted anything. With new year, need a fresh start!