Thursday, March 17, 2005

5.35 How do I set the width of a column in my DataGrid?

Windows Forms FAQ - Windows Forms Datagrid: "5.35 How do I set the width of a column in my DataGrid?

To set a column width, your datagrid must be using a non-null DataGridTableStyle. Once this is in place, you can set the column width by first getting the tablestyle and then using that object to obtain a column style with which you can set the width. Here are some code snippets showing how you might do this.
//.... make sure your DataGrid is using a tablestyle
dataGrid1.DataSource = _dataSet.Tables['customers'];
DataGridTableStyle dgts = new DataGridTableStyle();
dgts.MappingName = 'customers';


//method to set a column with by colnumber
public void SetColWidth(DataGridTableStyle tableStyle, int colNum, int width)
tableStyle.GridColumnStyles[colNum].Width = width;
catch{} //empty catch .. do nothing


// here is how you might call this method

private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
DataGridTableStyle tableStyle = dataGrid1.TableStyles['customers'];
SetColWidth(tableStyle, 1, 200);
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