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IsNumeric in C#

VBForums - View Single Post - IsNumeric in C#: "a simple example of implementing the IsNumeric function in to C# i knocked up ...

visual basic code:
private bool IsNumeric(object ValueToCheck)
double Dummy = new double();
string InputValue = Convert.ToString(ValueToCheck);

bool Numeric = double.TryParse( InputValue , System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Any , null , out Dummy);

return Numeric;

My Hotmail Windows Live mail feedback

The flashing banners on top and right are not only lame. They are:

1) Really really annoying when you are reading your email.
2) Take up quite a lot of space for the reading pane.

I rather have one at top and one at bottom, if it is all that necessary. Having non-graphic would be really great. I am not all up for checking my email with a lady in bikini on the right, which has nothing to do with my email and just gives negative image of myself at office. It is actually very embarassing.