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How to get 250 MB storage of old/existing hotmail accounts

(got this from another site)
Login ur hotmail account and go to options.
Go to "Personal"
Click "My Profile"
Change Country to "United States"
Wait for browser to load United States settings.
Change the state to "Florida" and zip code "33332"
Click "update"
Click "Continue"
Go to "Language" and make sure its "English"
Paste this link in the same browser.
Wait until the Screen says you're Hotmail is Closed and ready to be deleted.
Click "Close Account".
Go back to login page and relogin to ur hotmail account..!!
and don’t forget to relogin your account within 10 days (for first time only) then atleast in 30 days.

You won't lose your mails and address books, believe me..!!

VBScript to Automate login into gmail

Dim IE
Dim crtScreen
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
USERNAME = "saudaziz"

With IE
.navigate ""
End With

'wait a while until IE as finished to load
Do while IE.busy
set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Do While UCase(IE.Document.readyState) <> "COMPLETE"
WScript.Sleep 100
set WshShell=nothing
IE.document.all.Item("Email").value = USERNAME
IE.document.all.Item("pASSWD").value =pASSWORD
Set IE = Nothing


How to automate login to a web site.

evel: Intermediate
How to automate login to a web site.
Login automation - Internet Explorer & Web Browser Control
Sometimes, we need to login to gain access to complete site. I will show you a way to log to, which requires user id, password and to push a button.
Before go further showing code, we need to know how login process takes place.
Sites needs to know where you enter things and we need too. Generally, textboxes used to enter id and password have names to diferentiate among others textboxes and it is marvelous. We need those names too.

Those names are located inside HTML code. We have to "read" HTML code the first time we access login page.

To this time, i already did that. The textbox name for user id is: login and textbox name for password is: passwd. The name of the button we need to press is: enter.

By now, you already know how to set object variables for InternetExplorer and you have been using WebBrowser control, so, i will not explain here again.


Testing E-Commerce

Testing e-commerce

By Philip E. Courtney

For IT managers, testing was never easy. But in the age of the Internet, it just got harder. Once you had your hands full testing for all the possible things that could happen within your company. Now your "users" come from all parts of the world, and they want their systems to work as easily and reliably as the family television. Suddenly, for IT, the world is like a living room. And things had better work.

But making things work in such a complex setting is daunting. "There are so many intertwined and interconnected items within a Web-based or e-commerce system that it's impossible to say any one discipline is less important than another," said David Richardson, chief technology officer at Rhino Productions Inc., a Tempe, Ariz.-based firm that develops custom e-commerce and Web applications. "Testing and QA disciplines must focus on the individual components, the entire infrastructure and how the system is us…

Good Blog Sites

Anyone and everyone, if you are reading this and if you think i am missing out some good ones (I know i am missing Brady's blog site for now, will get the link later and put it up) then please do mention those in comments. I plan to put a whole bunch of links on left column/pane just to point towards good bloggers sites.

Automation Testing Basics


Calling into the API is good because it's easy. Calling an API function from your test code is a piece of cake, just add in a function call. But then you aren't actually testing the UI of your application. Sure, you can call the API for functionality testing, then every now and then click the button manually to be sure the right dialog opens. Rationally this really should work great, but a lot of testing exists outside the rational space. There might be lots of bugs that happen when the user goes through the button instead of directly calling the API (don't ask me, more voodoo magic, but I have lots of real life experience that backs me up here.) And here's the critical part - the vast majority of your users will use your software through the UI, not the API. So those bugs you miss by just going through the API will be high exposure bugs. These won't happen all the time, but they're the kind of things you really don't want to miss, especially if you we…