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SQL Q&A: Inside Clustering, Mysterious Hangs, the SA Account, and More -- TechNet Magazine, July 2007

Are you upgrading from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005? If so, make sure you run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE right after your databases are upgraded.DBCC UPDATEUSAGE reports and corrects pages and row count inaccuracies in the catalog views. These inaccuracies need to be corrected because they may cause incorrect space usage reports to be returned by the sp_spaceused system stored procedure. In SQL Server 2005, these values are always maintained correctly, so these databases should never experience incorrect counts. However, databases upgraded to SQL Server 2005 may contain invalid counts, so you should run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE after upgrading. Here's how DBCC UPDATEUSAGE works. It corrects the rows, used pages, reserved pages, leaf pages, and data page counts for each partition in a table or index. If there are no inaccuracies in the system tables, DBCC UPDATEUSAGE returns no data. If inaccuracies are found and corrected and you have not used WITH NO_INFOMSGS, DBCC UPDATEUSAGE returns the ro…