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Cyanogen OS 12 - Missing all the customizations?

If you are going through clean install and coming back from OxygenOS to Cyanogen OS, you might notice that you are missing out all the customization that used to part of CM and were the best thing about it. How is it even possible that in this new version they did away with all those customizations? Why would you even bother with Cyanogen OS anymore and not stay with Oxygen or even stock Android for that matter (on OnePlus that is)?

Actually all those customizations are still there. To enable them, we have to go to System View under Settings. That is what opens up all those goodies that allow you to customize the heck out of your Android.

Notice the "Advance mode" selection in the screenshot below? That what you need to enable.

After enabling that if go back to Settings view, you will see a lot more options that were hidden.

Cyanogen OS 12 - Missing settings toggle options to add or reorder?

You would have noticed that the new Cyanogen OS 12 under OnePlus One doesn't show all the customization and/or allow you any way to update add or rearrange toggle settings from the top settings drawer.

Turns out that it does and it still has all those customization it had under CM 11S. You are just not looking hard enough.

To Add or rearrange any of the tiles in the top settings drawer you need to use "Notification Drawer" under settings menu. But how do you exactly get to "Notification Drawer" as it doesn't show up by default under Settings menu?

Use the search option under Settings to pull it up:

Once you pull it up, under "Notification Drawer" you will see following options:

Using "Select and Order tiles", you can add/rearrange items.
Here is how it will look after you are done:

Easy enough huh?

OxygenOS vs Cyanogen on OnePlus One

OxygenOS is actually stock Android. All the customizations that you take for granted using CM are not there and you will be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED if you go oxygenOS route at this point.
The fact that CM comes with all those customizations (themes, profiles, etc.) and oxygenOS doesn't, you will have to hunt down and install apps from all over the store to get those. As a downside of that, you will be running all those extra apps that will try to run ads and what not- battery drain!
I much rather wait for CM12!