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Books list for Developers

Great list of books every developer should read.

“Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professionalism,” ACM/IEEE-CS
Software Project Survival Guide, Steve McConnell
Mastering the Requirements Process, Robertson and Robertson
Mythical Man-Month, Fred Brooks
Peopleware, DeMarco and Lister
Rapid Development, Steve McConnell
201 Principles of Software Development, Alan Davis
Code Complete, Steve McConnell
Applying UML & Patterns 2nd Ed, Craig Larman
Programming Pearls 2nd Edition, Jon Bentley
Refactoring, Martin Fowler
Writing Effective Use Cases, Cockburn
Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Grady Booch
Design Patterns, Erich Gamma et al
Conceptual Blockbusting, James Adams
“The Humble Programmer,” Edsger Dijkstra