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2018 Reading List

List of books that I am targeting to read in 2018:
NudgeThe Black SwanThe Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead ForeverWork Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and LeadProduct Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful TeamsSimplifyFooled by RandomnessHackers and PaintersThe Essential DruckerFlatlandSurely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!Masters Of DoomThe selfish geneEssentialism, the disciplined pursuit of less and WaldenThinking in SystemsThe Power Broker, by Robert Caro The Attention MerchantsThe OutsidersManaging Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager
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2017 Reading list

So you want to buy an Unlocked Phone?

You might have gone over the list of devices that your carrier offers and don’t like any of them. Or you might have found another device on another site which you prefer over listed devices. There are few things to consider before you make that purchase. But the most important one in my opinion is to check for coverage. Go to your target device’s web site and check for Network Compatibility. What bands does it support? Does your (target) carrier support those bands? Not only that, if you have service already in your area, you should install an app like SignalCheck. This will tell you on what band/frequency you are connecting and will give you better idea about it. Alternately, you can use a site like to see if the device supports the bands you are interested in. It will even assist you with comparing against other phones and search devices that support a particular band as well. Not only that, you can also check if a particular phone will work in another country un…

How my OnePlus One phone became just a mini-tablet

What a sad day! After three years my #OnePlus One (code name Bacon) has become just another mini-tablet (unless I switch carrier to AT&T, #NotHappening).
I like to have total control over my phone (root on Android), which is why after it's warranty period passes, I unlock the bootloader and install custom ROM on them. Oneplus One originally came with CyanogenOS 11, which was pre-installed on it. To say, it was fork of Android, but then if you think about it, just about every company with phone has a fork of Android on their phones as well. CyanogenOS came with quite a few customizations to begin with, and while initially there wasn't a need to root and/or install another custom ROM, I ended up doing just that a year later by installing Cyanogenmod (now called LineageOS) on them. Mainly because Cyanogen had gone out of business. Everything has worked perfectly fine until now. The device itself performs really well, considering it is three years old.
Here is what I tried so…

Generate Table Insert Statements from Visual Studio

I will admit that i don't use the Server Explorer pane in Visual Studio. Especially not for anything related to SQL Server. But i found this cool option while mucking around in Server Explorer that is worth sharing.

Did you know that you can create SQL insert Script right out of Visual Studio without adding any new plugin to your SSMS or Visual Studio application?

Right click the table in server pane that you want to script the data for and choose "Show Table Data" option

This will display the data like this

Notice the script toolbar button highlighted below.

Once you press that, your data in the table will be displayed as SQL Insert Statements

Doesn't require any special plugins and works beautifully.

This post was created using Visual Studio Professional 2013.

Cyanogen OS 12 - Missing all the customizations?

If you are going through clean install and coming back from OxygenOS to Cyanogen OS, you might notice that you are missing out all the customization that used to part of CM and were the best thing about it. How is it even possible that in this new version they did away with all those customizations? Why would you even bother with Cyanogen OS anymore and not stay with Oxygen or even stock Android for that matter (on OnePlus that is)?

Actually all those customizations are still there. To enable them, we have to go to System View under Settings. That is what opens up all those goodies that allow you to customize the heck out of your Android.

Notice the "Advance mode" selection in the screenshot below? That what you need to enable.

After enabling that if go back to Settings view, you will see a lot more options that were hidden.

Cyanogen OS 12 - Missing settings toggle options to add or reorder?

You would have noticed that the new Cyanogen OS 12 under OnePlus One doesn't show all the customization and/or allow you any way to update add or rearrange toggle settings from the top settings drawer.

Turns out that it does and it still has all those customization it had under CM 11S. You are just not looking hard enough.

To Add or rearrange any of the tiles in the top settings drawer you need to use "Notification Drawer" under settings menu. But how do you exactly get to "Notification Drawer" as it doesn't show up by default under Settings menu?

Use the search option under Settings to pull it up:

Once you pull it up, under "Notification Drawer" you will see following options:

Using "Select and Order tiles", you can add/rearrange items.
Here is how it will look after you are done:

Easy enough huh?