Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why do Visual Studio Express version suck?

I tell you exactly why do they suck so bad.

Okay, i take it back, it is good effor on MS' part to actually give out anything free like that. So lets give the credit where it's due.

Now as to why do i find the C# express verison lame? simply because darn thing doesn't even have support for:

1) Extensibility. Lack of support for Add-ins and Macros. One must wonder, how can you get more users to use a system for which you aren't even providing a way to improve upon. Take example of Firefox. How simple and elegant is it to create extensions for it and as a result not only you have developers and like-minded folks developing extensions for it, but others are enjoying the ever lasting extensions for it as well. Imagine now, what if same could be true for C# express version.

2) No VSS or Unit testing integration. One must wonder, are express editions really for students and hobbiests type persons? If so, they why don't they get the opportunity to learn what should be the first thing to learn? You know of any Software development company that doesn't user Source Control or Unit Testing for their products?

3) Cannot connect to remote databases. Thats right, support is limited to only local databases. Oh and the worst part is that, there is no obvious way to read data from Excel type datasource either. It only supports SQL and Access. On the other side, you can find support for Excel in Web dev. editions. Pathetic at best, i must say!

I would rather spend time and energy in getting used to SharpDevelop's IDE. Thanks, but no thanks Mr. Bill Gates.
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