Saturday, February 25, 2006

What is a good test case?

By Cem Keaner

This is a good summary for people new to software testing. I'm a strong believer in using multiple "test styles" and test activities as part of an overall testing strategy. This paper breaks black box testing into Function, Domain, Specification, Risk-based, Stress, Regression, User, Scenario, State-model based, High volume automated and Exploratory testing. Internally we may use different terms, but hit most of these categories in some form. For example, in addition to functional testing, which is probably the dominant style, we also do stress, capacity, security, specification (feature specs as well as others Logo requirement and Accessiblity/Section 508 etc), scenario and exploratory testing. We do “User” testing through both dogfooding our product as well as through betas and early adopter programs. My team has a few pilot projects with State-model based testing, but it’s limited right at the moment. We have recently done a lot more high volume automated testing on our IDE features, where we take arbitrary code and apply generic tests to it. This has been pretty successful. We’ve taken our compiler test suite of 20,000+ language tests and run in through this engine and have found a number of bugs we didn’t with traditional methods.
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