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Modeling Artifacts (different ways of modeling)

News aggregator | "Modeling Artifacts (different ways of modeling)
Submitted by darrell on Wed, 22/06/2005 - 13:51.

Scott Ambler has a great page that lists 35 modeling artifact types. The page links to summary descriptions of a wide variety of modeling artifacts. Each page describes the artifact, provides an example or two, and provides links to suggested resources. In this list he also indicates if the technique is simple enough for stakeholders to learn, whether it is usually a paper-based artifact, whether he suggests creating it on a whiteboard, and what type of software he would consider using to create and maintain it.
Modeling Artifact
Business Rule
Change Case
Class Responsibility Collaborator (CRC) model
Contract model
Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
Essential Use Case
Essential User Interface Prototype
Free-Form Diagrams
Flow Chart
Logical Data Model (LDM)
Network Diagram
Object Role Model (ORM) Diagram
Physical Data Model (PDM)
Robustness Diagram
System Use Case
Technical Requirement
UML 2 Activity Diagram
UML 2 Class Diagram
UML 2 Communication/Collaboration Diagram
UML 2 Component Diagram
UML 2 Composite Structure Diagram
UML 2 Deployment Diagram
UML 2 Interaction Overview Diagram
UML 2 Object Diagram
UML 2 Package Diagram
UML 2 Sequence Diagram
UML 2 State Machine Diagram
UML 2 Timing Diagram
UML 2 Use Case Diagram
User Interface Flow Diagram (Storyboard)
User Interface Prototype
User Story
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