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Work with an XML file as if it was a database table

Work with an XML file as if it was a database table

There is a cool XML database client (Open-Source ADO.NET XML Provider -- WilsonXmlDbClient v1.0)written by Paul Wilson that allows you to work directly with a well formed XML file as if it was a database. Here we will use this XML database client to code some simple examples using 'SELECT', 'INSERT', 'UPDATE', and 'DELETE' SQL commands directly against an XML file. To present and edit data we are going to use a DataList server control. I liked the article - Use the DataList Control to Present and Edit Data..., and I wanted to use it in this example. Also, we are going to use a couple of nifty objects like ViewState and SessionState. ViewState is used to track the value between post backs and SessionState is used to store data specific to a single client within a Web application on the server.
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< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

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