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Double Choco Latte

Double Choco Latte provides basic project management, work orders, and call center tickets. It supports the following features and concepts:

* Work Orders - Use for tracking history of almost anything: bugs, requests, maintenance, project tasks.
* Projects - Include hierarchal support so sub-projects can be created. Parent project's statistics include all child project stats to provide an overall status of all projects.
* Call Tickets - Use for contact with clients. Self-timing.
* Time Cards - Time taken on a work order to accomplish an action. Multiple time cards can be input for a single work order.
* Attribute Sets
o An attribute set consists of: Actions, Priorities, Severities, Statuses.
o Each product can support its own attribute set for work orders and tickets.
* Accounts - Client based tracking
* Personnel - People involved in the projects, including hierarchal support
* Departments - To "categorize" personnel
* Severities - List a bug's severity level
* Priorities - Ranks bugs by priority
* Statuses - Tracks bugs by status
* Sequences - Related Work Orders carry the same Job Number and incremental sequence numbers. Can be used for projects.
* Products - Obvious, but also can be assigned a person to "report to". Useful for product managers to track what they're responsible for.
* E-Mail notification via watches.
o Notification for statuses: Open, Close, Change
o Optional notification for any activity
o Can watch a product or project and receive E-Mails for their respective work orders
o Can watch a specific work order.
o Can also watch tickets in the same way, with the exception of projects.
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