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Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits : Performance Quiz #1 (of a series?)


Recently there was a discussion on one of our internal email aliases in which this problem came up. I though it was an interesting problem so I posed this Quiz to assorted people I work with to see what kinds of things they would say.

Considering these three options:

Option 1:

sw.WriteLine(subject + ": " + message);

Option 2:

sw.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", subject, message);

Option 3:

sw.Write(": ");

Answer these questions:

Q1. Which of these choices offers the best performance?
Q2: Can you characterize the memory usage of each of these?
Q3: Which would the performance team generally recommend, and why?
Q4: What special factors might alter this recommendation?
Q5: What did you have do assume about "sw" to answer the question?


For answers check the link below:

Link to Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits : Performance Quiz #1 (of a series?)

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