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Blackberry Curve 8320 vs Nokia E71x

After trying out both phones on great deals that AT&T is offering currently (refurbished both at $9.99) i was compelled to purchase a couple of handsets for myself. And i have to say that Nokia’s E71x beats Blackberry Curve 8320 in almost every aspect for a non-enterprise user. From great pictures quality to allowing most applications to be run on wifi without a dataplan, i would give Nokia e71x two thumbs up.

When i say apps not running under Curve, i mean apps that most casual users would love to see them working easily using wifi without dataplan. For instance, any of the google apps fail to work (was able to make google voice work though). You have to use browser to navigate all the way to the gmail page to have it work. On the other hand, Opera mini keeps on trying to connect to some local server that they have been using as proxy to probably overcome some other short-coming.

I didn’t run in to any such issues with Nokia E71x, and would recommend any one that is trying to buy these phones because of wifi to look thoroughly at what apps do work on either of them before they buy any.


Just my 2 cents.

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