Sunday, May 22, 2005

Software Testing Institute - Plan on Testing Success

Software Testing Institute - Plan on Testing Success: "A good test plan is the cornerstone of a successful testing implementation. While every testing effort may be unique, most test plans include a common content framework. This article presents the components that make up this framework, and serves as a guide to writing your own test plan.


This section establishes the scope and purpose of the test plan. This is where to describe the Fundamental aspects of the testing effort.

* Purpose - Describe why the test plan was developed--what the objectives are. This may include documenting test requirements, defining testing strategies, identifying resources, estimating schedules and project deliverables.

* Background - Explain any events that caused the test plan to be developed. This can include implementing improved processes, or the addition of new environments or functionality.

* Technical Architecture - diagram the components that make up the system under test. Include data storage and transfer connections and describe the purpose each component serves including how it is updated. Document the layers such as presentation/interface, database, report writer, etc. A higher level diagram showing how the system under test fits into a larger automation picture also can be included if available.

* Specifications - list all required hardware and software including vendors and versions.

* Scope - briefly describe the resources that the plan requires, areas of responsibility, stages and potential risks.

* Project Information - identify all the information that is available in relation to this project. User documentation, project plan, product specifications, training materials and executive overview materials are examples of project information.


This section of the test plan lists all requirements to be tested. Any requirement not listed is outside of the scope of the test plan. (The day you’re h"
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