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Microsoft Interview Questions: "
Interviewing at Microsoft

Over the years I've been collecting interview questions from Microsoft. I guess I started this hobby with the intent of working there some day, although I still have never interviewed there myself. However, I thought I'd give all of those young Microserf wanna-bes a leg up and publish my collection so far. I've actually known people to study for weeks for a Microsoft interview. Instead, kids this age should be out having a life. If you're one of those -- go outside! Catch some rays and chase that greenish monitor glow from your face!

If you've actually interviewed at Microsoft, please feel free to contribute your wacky Microsoft interview stories.
Scott Hanselman's 'Great .NET Developer' Questions

Tue, 2/22/05 12:30pm

Scott Hanselman has posted a set of questions that he thinks 'great' .NET developers should be able to answer in an interview. He even splits it up into various categories, including:

* Everyone who writes code
* Mid-Level .NET Developer
* Senior Developers/Architects
* C# Component Developers
* ASP.NET (UI) Developers
* Developers using XML

Am I the only one that skipped ahead to 'Senior Developers/Architects' to see if I could cut Scott's mustard?
Jason Olson's Microsoft Interview Advice

Fri, 1/21/05 8:16pm

Jason Olson recently interviewed for an SDE/T position (Software Development Engineer in Test) at Microsoft and although he didn't get it, he provides the following words of advice for folks about to interview for the first time:

* Just Do It
* Remember, no matter how much you might know your interviewer, it is important to not forget that it is still in interview
* Pseudocode! Pseudocode! Pseudocode!
* But, as long as you verbalize what you're thinking you should be in pretty good shape
* Bring an energy bar or something to snack on between breaks in order to keep your energy level up
* [B"
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