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GenieTCMS: Test Case Management System

What is GenieTCMS ?

Our Test Case Management System (TCMS) is a tool for QA department to make it work more efficient. Depends on the level of integration with your test environment it can save you well 50% the time your group needs to complete a test.
TCMS targets two major areas where employee time can be efficiently utilized. First, is the preparation stage when QA engineer has to determine what set of test cases he/she has to run for this product / version / build / release / etc., locate all the scripts, locate all additional notes and memos. Second, is the after-test stage when QA engineer has to analyze the results, compare to what's expected and document any errors. This second phase can greatly improve productivity when your test scripts generate "feedback" that is loaded back to TCMS.
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< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

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