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Avignon: "What is Avignon?
Avignon is an acceptance testing framework developed in-house at NOLA Computer Services. For programming teams that use the eXtreme Programming (XP) methodology, Avignon lets customers express acceptance tests in a non-ambiguous manner before development starts.

How does it work?
Avignon uses XML so that anyone can define their own language for expressing acceptance tests. Each XML tag has an associated Java class that performs the actions required for that part of the test.

What does it include?
Avignon consists of a JUnit test case that executes test scripts and a small set of prebuilt tag handlers. Out of the box, Avignon can manipulate databases and interact with Web pages through either an HttpUnit browser interface or through its own IE browser integration.

What else do you need?
To run Avignon you will also need a copy of:
# Java JRE version 1.3 or greater
# JUnit
# HTTPUnit
# JAXP (for pre-1.4 Java)
# Xalan (for pre-1.4 Java)

How is Avignon distributed?
Avignon is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. "
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